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What is Spritify?  

Spritify is a procedural generation tool that lets the user design sprites that can vary wildly in shape and color. This project originally was an entry for ProcJam 2018, but I have since returned to the prototype and rewritten it from the ground up and added features.

The source code is available from here: https://bitbucket.org/Azhain/spritify/src

In principle, it builds on the 'spaceship' algorithm, you can see the original explanation for the process here.  Spritify expands on this simple algorithm by letting the user define layers of sprites which independently generate based on their own unique templates.

The designed sprites can then be exported to a format that can be used in a game, or anything else. You can even export the sprite templates (along with the options) as a json file if you want to dynamically generate assets in your game on the fly.

Who do I blame?  

Spritify is written by me, Michael Coates (www.azhain.com). You can direct questions/comments/complaints/compliments there. 

I use this tool for my own game, so I'll continue to release updates as I add stuff like bug fixes and more customization options like canvas sizes. Now that I'm done with the first major update (the rewrite), I'll probably focus on documenting and cleaning up the code to be more consistent.

Terms of Use - The Source Code  

The source code is licensed under an MIT open source license.  In short you can do anything you want with the source code, including sell it, but you must include the license and copyright information with the source if you copy significant portions of it.  

Terms of Use - Assets Created with Spritify  

Assets created through Spritify are wholly the property of their creator.  I don't hold any claim over the work you produce with this tool, and you can feel free to use such assets in any way you like.  Credit is nice, but not expected or required.  If you make something cool, I am interested in seeing what you've made, but only because it brings me joy to see cool stuff.  The only thing you cannot do is use my name or the name 'Spritify' to advertise your product, or in some way imply you have my endorsement (I don't know why anyone would, but just to be safe).

Special Thanks

I was inspired to make this tool by a number of people, and I was able to make it because of the hard work of many others.  This section is a way for me to thank them for their hard work, and I will continue to update it if I find people I've missed.  I'm super terrible at giving credit in a timely fashion as I'm usually just blitzing through the code as fast as possible.

Install instructions

Extract from rar, run spritify.exe


Spritify v0.10 29 MB

Development log


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Cool! Might be neat to make it more clear which layer you're editing. Was a bit confused when I first started using it. It does seem like a very powerful way of creating this type of art!

Now that Procjam is over, I'm in the middle of rewriting the application.  Because of the experimental nature of what I was doing for procjam, it was very difficult to add stuff like this after the fact, but now that I have a better picture of what the application needs to do, I'll be able to add a lot of quality of life improvements.  

Thanks for the suggestion!